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Your first Step – 10 by 10 Brief

Hi and welcome to the success system series with strategies that have been tested and work brilliantly!

Today this guide covers the 10 by 10 brief

Your 10 by 10 brief is the strategy outline that forms the basis for the next steps of your information driven business. once finished, your 10 by 10 brief will have 100 lines written, each of these lines can represent an article topic,a topic in a CD/podcast  series, a page in an ebook,  a section in an online course, or a coaching program. Basically, your 10 by 10 brief will represent the foundation of the core steps in building your information driven business. So let’s get started with your 10 by 10 Brief. The first thing to do is define the topic for your 10 by 10 brief, which will be your chosen subject. So in this case if your subject is Fitness, the topic of your 10 by 10 brief could be “Fitness” or “How to get Fit”. If your niche is healthy cooking, the topic of your 10 by 10 brief could be “Healthy Cooking” or “How to Cook Healthy Meals”. So start – first by naming your 10 by 10 brief. At this point I suggest using a word processor (for example Microsoft Word). Write the name of your 10 by 10 brief at the top. Now the next step is to think of 10 areas where you could teach someone about your Subject/Niche, and write out one line for each of these areas (these will be your 10 topics).

Our sample subject is Fitness, your 10 topics might be:

1. Basic Steps to Fitness

2. Concepts of Fitness

3. Easy Fitness plans

4. Fitness at Work

5. Fitness at Home

6. Fitness on a Budget

7. Fitness for seniors

8. Quick Steps to get fit

9. Fitness in a busy Schedule

10. Having a Fit Menu

You are not constrained to have just 10 topics and your brief may become 12 by 12 or any structure that works for  your subject, but for this guide I will refer to a 10 by 10 brief, the system applies to any size of format, 10 is a simple recommended guideline. by now, you should have 10 topics in the first round. Follow up by creating 10 subtopics for you first 10 topics, this means that you will have a total of 100 subtopics when you’re done. So, for example, my first topic “Basic steps to Fitness” will have 10 subtopics. Those subtopics might be:

A. Start where you are

B. Equipment to use

C. Planning your Time


This will appear like:

1. Basic steps to Fitness

A. Start where you are

B. Equipment to use

C. Planning your Time


Follow the system to create 10 subtopics each for each of the other topics. This would result your 10 by 10 brief. By the way, I understand this exercise may not be easy. But it has been proven with hundreds of clients over the last few years, that once this is completed, the entire rest of their business goes a lot smoother.

Once this step is completed, you can easily use the brief to write an ebook, create various articles each day. It really becomes a lot easier when this 10 by 10 brief is complete.

 David B

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