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Is SFI worth it?

Is SFI worth your time? Are you making profit? Have you given this your BEST?

It is easy to complain that one is not earning on SFI’s platform but the question is, ‘Have you done your best?’ Money does not grow on trees. We have to put some work in. This is a business, therefore you should treat it as such, just as if you owned a clothing or food store. Yes, I know that you have heard about many other programs or perhaps you signed up with other programs in the past. Guess what, so have I. This is how I know that SFI has one of the best online platforms.

It is also one of the best options for persons who are are not able to maintain expensive budgets.

If you owned a restaurant, school, pharmacy or gas station, you would have to spend a certain number of hours each day managing staff, making orders, planning, holding meetings, doing payroll, filing income and expenditure reports and a myriad of other managerial duties.

Likewise, if you plan to make SFI a serious business, you need to have a plan. You will also need to dedicate at least one hour per day doing your daily tasks, recruiting new members for your team, reading and planning. Yes FUTURE MILLIONAIRES, ALL OF THIS CAN BE DONE WITHIN ONE HOUR.

How difficult can it be to find five serious persons who will dedicate themselves to building a team with you? Quite challenging I’d say. This is the reason it will only benefit the individual who works diligently at his or her SFI business.

I prefer to do face to face prospecting and I enjoy delivering presentations in front of large groups. These methods work for me. When I prospect persons, I outline the PLAN. It does not matter which marketing strategy you use, you should outline the plan. This is SFI’s GROWTH PLAN. Here is the link:

When I do this, immediately they begin to GET THEIR THINKING RIGHT. They are able to visualize a journey. The aim is to underscore the fact that they will not begin to earn lucratively just yet. I try to get them to understand that they will have to invest about two years in the establishment of their businesses. I explain that after approximately two years of hard work, they should be able to sit back and watch SFI work for them. I go further and explain that if they do not work hard, they may still not be earning a profit even after two years; that without a large team they will not do well unless they plan to function successfully as ECA’s. Only those who are willing to take this journey with you will become active.

I also explain how one earns shares from the Triple Clicks Executive Pool. Do you know what I also do? I am honest with them. I explain that if they desire to excel in SFI, they will need to finance their businesses. I tell them that they will need to commit approximately $36.25 to their businesses monthly. I describe briefly the various things that they could purchase in Triple Clicks to run their SFI offices.

I challenge all young affiliates like myself to give our SFI businesses the best of us. Let’s make this happen. I strongly believe this can work. I do know though that it will take hard work. If you are not willing to put the work in, stop complaining.

If you would like to join me in this SFI marathon, draft your business plan.
– What are your objectives (long and short term)?
– How many persons do you wish to have on your team?
– What marketing strategies will you use?
– What are the timelines that you have set to accomplish certain goals?
– What is your incentive plan for your team members?
– How much will you spend?
– What are the tasks on your SFI monthly calendar?
– Google: How to write a business plan

Let nothing daunt or derail you. Do not listen to negative babbling. Motivate yourself. Do not depend on others to motivate you.

I am looking forward to the next two years but already, I have a six months plan. What will my SFI business look like in July of 2017? I am not sure. All I know is that I will do whatever lies within my power to accomplish the goals I have outlined. Well, the truth is that I am excited. I cannot wait to see what will happen in my business in 2017. Come with me. We can do this!

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