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10 steps to take in SFI

Here is a mail from the┬áCo-sponsor of top ranking SFI member in February 2016 – He claims that it got him going and helped him greatly :

“Here are some very helpful hints to being successful with SFI!

1) Log on daily at SFI and make sure your red tabs are all turned to gray…this is a daily task!2) Be sure to enter the DAILY GRAND daily…however, the minimum requirement for this is…you must have made atleast 10AVPS the previous day!

3) Ensure you qualify as EA again for this month so that you can share in the Executive pool.

4) Make Team Leadership ranks so that you set yourself up to partake of the Second home CSAs plus lots of other prizes

5) The easiest and fastest way of making money at SFI is refer people to the TRIPLE CLICKS STORE using your tripleclicks gateways..these are referred to as you PRMs and each purchase they make you make huge commisions and also bag their versapoints if they ain’t sfi members!

6) Get new PSAs under you and help both them and your old PSAs become EA2s to PTLs…this is how you cut greatly on your spending budget since if your downlines qualify for any of the above you get 100-500 AVPS for each one…meaning requalifying for your own position will always be a walk in the park!

7) Make good your standing order, this will help you maintain your fast track membership…and for GOLD FAST TRACKERS, this is a MUST beginning this month….bottomline, you never worry about your EA status.

For those without standing orders yet, you are missing out alot and cheating your own selves!!

8) Participate in Games especially the CARD KING game, there are lots of prizes to win..LOTS OF THEM!

9) Look out for the SPIN AND WIN GAME in your emails every now and then to Spin and WIN free ACTION VPS…there is one running currently, the deadline is 2nd march…rush to your mail now for this link…

10) Participate in Auctions, you just might be lucky to get items you need at give away prices…

But more so, every auction you participate in you have a chance of winning yourself a maximum of 4PSAs per auction all day long!!!

I hope this helps you

to your sucess

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