Our unique business model is such that we are daily developing new ways to make the internet work for Nigeria and Nigerians, we are not just leading Africa into the future we are creating it with our groundbreaking business model that will make it possible for millions of Nigerians to profit from the Internet revolution.

Welcome to success.

The biggest issue identified with success anywhere is the definition of it. truly most definitions are relative, but generally successful business people will tell you to identify a problem, see it as an opportunity and then provide a solution, exchange this solution for money and you have access to financial success.

Add this opinion to the free market model and you will find a framework for what we do at meganaira.

We like to give as much as we can within reason, so you will find a lot of free resources for online and offline income generation on our site.

So look around and get ready to be amazed at the amount of resources available in our program.

We currently have the following in-house researched opportunities that we are actively participating in with brilliant results.


Google Adsense

Amazon Affiliates

Traffic Authority