How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

With SFI, you start accumulating income as soon you start earning VP! (Versa Points)
There are many ways to generate lucrative income through SFI. The sooner you start with these actions, the sooner you will start generating a proper income:

1. Referring customers to Tripleclicks (ie. PRM sales). These can sometimes end up creating generous commissions for you!

2. Referring a business to become an ECA (e-Commerce Associate) with Tripleclicks. Here is a simple statistic: all the top income earners on SFI have an average of 10 active ECAs. I believe it’s safe to say that having active ECAs will generate the best income SFI has to offer!

3. Cultivating an active team of affiliates. Having an active team will also accumulate leveraged income in a couple of ways (eg. whenever your PSA makes a purchase at Tripleclicks, you will get the commissions)

Again, the sooner you start generating sales though these three simple steps, the sooner you will start seeing lucrative income.

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