How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

Response referenced from SFI site:

This question brings to mind two thoughts:

1. Are you asking when you can expect to receive any income at all from SFI?


2. Are you asking when you can expect to receive substantial income from SFI, like maybe enough to make a new car payment, say $500 per month?

The answer to number one is simple: when you qualify as an Executive Affiliate you also qualify for shares in the month’s executive pool–one share for each VersaPoint earned each month you qualify as an EA.

No, it’s not a lot of cash. My executive pool earnings for the first two months have been less than $20. But don’t overlook it as insignificant. You can consider it proof that SFI does work and the company does deliver on its promises. I have been involved in several online business opportunities in which I have NEVER received any cash earnings…ZERO…ZILCH…NADA!

The answer to question number two is not quite so easy to answer. There are several factors at play here, for example:

* How many TripleClicks product sales have you generated personally?

* What leadership rank have you reached?

* How many active downline PSAs have you been able to recruit?

* How many active CSAs do you have on your team?

* How many TripleClicks product sales has your team generated?

While I can’t determine exactly how much you can expect to earn each month, I can make these predictions with confidence:

1. At first you can expect to invest a lot of time to earn a little money. I have seen it said over and over: SFI is definitely not “Get Rich Quick!” The problem is a lot of new affiliates seem to disregard this statement.

2. At first you can expect to invest more money into your business than you will earn. You must understand that this is true in any business, online or offline. I have a friend that invested his life savings to start his own “cabinet shop” business. He never did turn a profit, and lost his entire investment.

Would you call a “cabinet shop” business a SCAM? Not at all! So why do people call a failed online business a scam? Two reasons: either they don’t have realistic income expectations about their business, or they don’t want to put forth the work necessary to achieve the success they want. Then, rather than accept the responsibility for their business failure, they put the blame elsewhere. In either case, it does not affect the viability of SFI as a business opportunity.

So, where does that leave you? You need to make the commitment to invest the time, effort, and finances to make your SFI business a success.

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