The Facebook experiment

Making Money via Facebook

The Facebook experimentInteresting enough the most obvious things are not so obvious, and in that regard I get asked often at my training sessions how come people make money via facebook?

Its as simple as asking how come there is money in a country? the true value of currency is determined by the value placed on the people and their participation in the economy/country.

This sounds complex, but I’ll break it down. it takes approximately nothing to know that Facebook has been valued at about $100 billion.

This value is due mainly to the number of people and businesses on Facebook. so if for any reason, Facebook users stopped using Facebook, its value would also disappear, which makes you wonder how do the people create such value? well the simple answer is – ‘Time is Money’ people spend time on Facebook hence that time is converted to money, but beyond this, people actually spend money on Facebook – which is even better for those who know what to do.

The question is how can you make money using Facebook? Well, join us as we launch the live experiment.

Over the next few days, we will release some tested ways of making money on Facebook and follow the guidelines given y experts and see how much we make.

See you on the winning side

David B. Oloruntuyi – Facilitator

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