What Makes a great SFI Squeeze page?

Response selected from SFI Forum:

First of all, I think it may be important to share in my response, just in case others are not sure, what a squeeze page is. A Squeeze Page is simply a landing page designed to get opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The purpose of a squeeze page is to convince, cajole, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing their email address.

With SFI, the use of email addresses is an important way to connect with prospects who are looking for something through the internet and are willing to trade their personal data – email, to access what is being offered.

No matter what is being offered, I think the most important marketing point for the success of your squeeze page is to be sure that what you are offering can be simply delivered to the prospect by use of their email and no other personal data required at the time.

If your purpose is to increase your sales then be sure to feature 1 or more items that can be delivered to the prospect via the use of the internet so as to build up their user experience with the TripleClicks store – less means more trust.

Squeeze page should appeal to the emotional drive of the on-looker. The more effective you are at meting the emotional need of the prospect, there greater the relationship you will have with the prospect in becoming an active affiliate with SFI, an active ECA member with TripleClicks or even an active-regular user of the on-line games available to all.

Be sure to have more than one squeeze page so that you may attract various demographic members such as males, females, working professional, University students, seniors , stay-at-home mom’s

Diversity and you will gain more.

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