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6 Ways to make your blog more profitable

Today, We’re looking at simple steps to make your blog profitable.

You can turn talking about your hobbies, interests, business, and kids into a gold mine if you can follow a simple process and a few guidelines. Its been proven over and over  that that blogging about your passion, and monetizing your blog can earn you a nice income and even allow you to have a lifestyle where you choose how you want to live your life and when you do things in your life. I have personal and financial freedom and you can too!

As I have continued to blog, my profits continue to soar!

Let me quickly share with you 6 ways to make your blog more profitable…

1. PROMOTE AFFILIATE OFFERS. You can make money on your blog through the marketing and selling of other people’s products, that are relevant to your blog, for a commission A good example is Amazon.

2. ESTABLISH YOURSELF AS AN EXPERT. Through your blog you can establish yourself as an expert by consistently publishing good content. Eventually your readers will trust you, which will result in more leads and more sales.

3. GET PUBLICITY OPPORTUNITIES. Good blogging can lead to an elevated status in some circles and be a springboard to more opportunities, like free publicity and book deals.

4. MAKE MONEY WITH ADSENSE. This is where you allow a site like Google to place little ads on your blog and you get a paid a small amount every time a visitor to your site clicks on one of the ads displayed on your blog, Here’s a good place with more information.

5. SELL ADVERTISING AND LINKS. Instead of using AdSense or placing affiliate links on your blog, you can also choose to sell advertising on your blog.

6. CREATE AND SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCTS. Instead of selling someone else’s products and sharing the products, you can sell your own stuff for 100% of the profit. – Check HERE for a good guideline on how to do this

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